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The Native Hawaiian Plant Society (NHPS) is a volunteer-based nonprofit organization whose mission it is to preserve and restore Hawaiian native plants in their native ecosystems. Public education and cooperation with like-minded entities are recognized to be major components of preservation.

NHPS usually sponsors two public presentations each year, typically in February and November. Additionally, NHPS board of directors meetings--to which the public is invited--are conducted monthly. The meeting schedule is available online.

This website ( is dedicated to dissemination of information about NHPS and its activities.

The NHPS logo was designed by member Dr. George L. H. LeBouvier (1921-1996), as well as our motto: Nanea na pua o ka 'aina aloha. It means an all-absorbing interest, or fascination with native plants. Dr. Le Bouvier was Senior Research Associate at  the Yale School of Public Health before his retirement to Maui in 1977, where he lived until 1990. (Information from an obituary by Eda Kinnear, 1996)

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